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Why Do Clients Turn To Us For Help?

We take pride in our personal, compassionate approach to immigration law, and we believe it shows in the results we deliver to our clients. To see what we mean, read through these comments from our valued clients.

Ana helped me apply for citizenship for my husband a few years ago. Navigating Customs and Immigration is such a complex process. The directions for each form are long and complicated, and the stakes were so high for my husband and me. I was worried about my family. Ana eased my anxiety and gave me all the information my husband and I needed to apply. She gave me an overview of the citizenship process from start to finish, including when each of the applications would be due. She helped my husband and me understand the documents that were needed, and the order to put them in through several rounds of sending in applications and paperwork. She prepared us for the interview so that we answered questions confidently and accurately. Ana was with us every step of the way. I don’t know where we would have ended up without her calm expertise! When it comes to immigration, you want a lawyer who cares about you and your family, a lawyer who knows what she’s doing and is willing to work diligently to help you. Ana is all that and more – I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Ashley D., Houston, TX

My name is Solange Nirere from Rwanda, Africa. I am a product of the genocide that happened in Rwanda during my birth year of 1994. This tragic circumstance left me without parents, so my elderly grandmother raised me until her death when I was only six years old. The next few years forced me to survive, living on the street on my own or caring for other people’s children and cleaning houses while I was still a child myself. Arlene Brown, a United Methodist from Williamsport, PA, came to Rwanda to establish a children’s home for kids just like me. I lived there for seven years while supported by my now adoptive parents Rev. Sharon and Thomas Landis in the U.S. They brought me to America when I was eighteen.

In Rwanda, the schools I attended refused to let me continue my education due to my asthma attacks. Arlene contacted my would-be sponsors, resulting in a five-year struggle to obtain an I-20 in the U.S. Because I was eighteen, private schools rejected me. The only option was Hidalgo Early College High School in Texas. That is when I met Ana Villegas, an attorney who was instrumental in gaining Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, which eventually led to my permanent residency.

Attorney Ana Villegas assisted me during the entire process. I was totally without any living family members in Rwanda. With attorney Ana Villegas’ help, my life totally changed. Since that time, I have attended University and will graduate in May 2017 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts and a double minor in English and Legal Studies. As I look forward to gaining citizenship, Attorney Ana Villegas will be vital to the process. She has become a great mentor and friend in this extraordinary journey. Thank you Ana, you have made an AWESOME difference in my life.

Solange Nirere, Rwanda

When affirmative action became available for students my mother and I immediately went out in search of an attorney that could help me apply for it. Unfortunately everywhere we went, the attorneys we met, turned us down. They showed no interest in helping. They all agreed that I didn’t meet the time qualifications. But we didn’t give up, and after knocking on numerous doors, one finally led us to meeting Ms. Villegas. She was the only one that actually showed interest in helping us. She asked the right questions that lead to opening a case for abandonment by a parent. She did everything she could to help. As a result of her hard work, I was able to become a permanent resident. I would recommend her to anyone because she truly cares. She doesn’t see her clients as just a check; she sees them as family. I was very fortunate to have found Ms. Villegas and I’ll ways be grateful for her hard work.

Isabel, Honduras

June 2016 I proudly became an American citizen with the invaluable help of Ana Maria Villegas. I was dreading the arduous and bureaucratic process, but Mrs. Villegas was so professional and efficient; she helped the procedure go very smoothly. Emails and phone calls were answered in a timely manner and she was on top of the whole ordeal making sure I knew what was going on every step of the way. During the interview, she was right by my side. I felt confident and secure that she was going to take care of anything that could have happened. I can’t thank Ana Maria Villegas enough for the amazing service. It’s a wonderful feeling not having to worry about immigration any longer and it’s all because of her legal expertise.

Claudia Farr, Claudia Farr Photography

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