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Answering Your FAQs from an Experienced Legal Perspective

When you have questions about immigration law, who better to answer them than a highly experienced immigration lawyer? This page features our principal attorney, Ana Maria Villegas, who responds to your frequently asked questions in a series of short, practical, and easy-to-understand videos. Don’t hesitate to contact Villegas Law Office, PLLC if you have further questions.

Can my company apply for me to get a work visa?

Do I have to be a permanent resident or a citizen to be able to change my name legally in the U.S.?

Do I have to have a petitioner in order to be able to apply for immigration to the U.S.?

How can I become a U.S. citizen?

How can I best prepare for my interview with the USCIS?

How can I legally immigrate my parents to the U.S.?

I am an undocumented immigrant. What are my rights if ICE shows up at my door?

I have a family member who was detained by ICE. What should we do now?

If I have a previous criminal record, how does that affect my immigration application?

If I lose my immigration case, is it still possible to appeal the decision?

My immigration petitioner is abusing me. What can I do?

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What are some defenses in removal proceedings?

What are the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney?

What are the requirements if I want to petition my spouse or fiancé to join me in the U.S.?

What do I do if I get detained by ICE?

What does it mean to get asylum in the U.S.?

What happens if a child successfully gets their SIJ immigration application approved?

What happens if my spouse and I divorce while we are waiting for his or her immigration application?

What is a Cancellation of Removal?

What is a Green Card?

What is a Stay of Removal?

What is an Adjustment of Status and how does it work?

What is the difference between a refugee and an asylee?

Who can bring an SIJ case on behalf of a child?

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