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How a Criminal Record Can Impact Your Immigration Case

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Blog

In this day and age, immigrants across the country, documented and undocumented alike, have concerns about their status in the United States. Those labeled as “removable” can be in danger even when they have legal status. The Department of Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration, Customs, and Enforcement) tend to prioritize taking action against those who have been convicted (and in some cases even just accused) of crimes, especially felonies, drug-related crimes, and domestic violence offenses. You can be a target for removal even if you have not yet been found guilty. So what can you do?

Take Measures to Protect Yourself

Just because you’ve been accused of involvement in a crime doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or deserve to have your future jeopardized.

Maybe you came to the United States because you married a U.S. citizen, then you got your green card. What if you were riding to the store with your friend and he got pulled over for speeding and the police found drugs in his car. You could be arrested too, even if you had no idea your friend had illegal substances.

Or perhaps you came to the United States legally as a tourist but overstayed your visa because you were afraid to return home, where political unrest has made violence a prevalent part of daily life. Then you were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and immigration found out you were still here.

If you’re in a circumstance like these, you’re likely feeling terrified of being torn away from the life you have built for yourself in the United States, your family, your friends, and your security. At Villegas Law Office, we care and we want to help.

The best way you can protect yourself is by working with an attorney who understands the way accusations of criminal activity can impact an immigration case. At Villegas Law Office, we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the guidance you need.

Don’t try to handle these matters on your own. The immigration system can be unforgiving when you make a mistake, so handling your situation without the guidance of an attorney is extremely risky.

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