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Meet Norma García

Norma García

As the first person you see when coming to Villegas Law Office, PLLC, Mrs. García is always sure to make everyone feel welcomed and safe, as well as family.

She is a proud Hispanic born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. A fluent Spanish speaker as she had to be to communicate with her paternal grandparents whose first language was Spanish. She is a proud wife and even prouder mother of two handsome boys.

After high school, she attended the University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) before it became UTB/TSC to now known as UTRGV. She was the last graduating class before UTB merged with TSC. Having become a new first-time mother at the beginning of her final semester, she focused and worked even harder toward her degree. Graduating in the Spring of 2015 with a 4.0 for the semester, she received her Bachelor of Science in criminal justice where she focused on the forensic side of criminal justice. She also obtained an Associates in General Studies from UTB prior. To say Mrs. García is anything but a hard-working, dedicated and ambitious woman would be the least. One can say she is definitely the right person to assist with your immigration matters.

Mrs. García is very family-oriented and because of that, she will always strive to support the attorney and families in any and every way she can. She takes great pride in working at Villegas Law Office, PLLC, along with attorney Ana Villegas and being part of helping families secure their status, stay together and protect their futures.


  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (Forensic Investigation Concentration), The University of Texas at Brownsville, May 2015
  • Associate of Arts in General Studies, The University of Texas at Brownsville, December 2012

Professional Development

       Forensic Investigation

  • NIJ, What Every Investigator & Evidence Technician Should Know About DNA Evidence, 2013
  • NIJ, Crime Scene & DNA Evidence, 2013
  • NIJ, Law 101: Legal Guide for the Expert Witness, 2014
  • NIJ, Communication Skills, Report Writing, and Courtroom Testimony, 2014
  • NIJ, Forensic Fingerprint Analysis Basics, 2013
  • RTI, Forensic Anthropology: Measurement & Recovery of Clandestine Graves, 2014

       Emergency Management And Homeland Security 

  • DHS/FEMA, Incident Management System: An Introduction, IS-100, 2014
  • DHS/FEMA, Single Response & Initial Action, IS-200, 2014
  • DHS/FEMA, National Incident Management System: An Introduction, IS-700, 2014
  • DHS/FEMA, National Response Framework, An Introduction, IS-800, 2014
  • DHS/FEMA, Special Event Planning for Public Safety Agencies, IS-15, 2014
  • DHS/FEMA, Introduction to Homeland Security Planning, IS-453, 2014
  • TAMU/TEEX, Basic Emergency Medical Services Concepts for CBRNE Events, 2014
  • TAMU/TEEX, WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders, 2014


  • English
  • Spanish

Current Employment Position

  • Legal Assistant

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